Welcome to the Blog of Cutler´s Wood, an Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland in the Kent North Downs AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty).

Cutler´s is 42 hectares (ca. 103 acres) of native broadleaf woodland managed primarily as wildlife and flora habitat but also to provide some timber from coppice rotation which is used for traditional fencing and woodfuel. Adjacent to Cutler´s Wood is Cutler´s Farm, made up of the farmyard with barns and 6 hectares (ca. 15 acres) of pasture land, which presently is used for sheep grazing.

Bordering onto the Forestry Commission´s Kings Wood to the south west, privately owned Stanner´s Wood to the north west, The Woodland Trust´s Park Wood to the north and the privately owned Ridge Wood and Felborough Wood to the east, this area makes up over 2000 acres of connected woodland and one of the largest woodlands in the South East of England. This whole area was once part of a royal hunting forest for deer and boar.

Edward Hasted´s map of Cutler´s area published 1798 but showing the area apparently around 1778. Cutler´s Farm seems not to have existed yet.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Timber Sales

We are currently offering 6 acres of sweet chestnut coppice as standing timber to be sold in cants of 1 acre. Age is around 15-18 years since last rotational cut.
We are also offering several acres of mixed broadleaf woodland to be sold as standing timber for the firewood market. This will be mixed hornbeam, ash, birch and chestnut.
Felling of both of the above to commence in January 2011.
Access in woods is good by 4WD and loading at roadside is good for all types of vehicles.
Crane loading is no problem.
Storage is available for 1 year after felling, either in woods or at our farmyard.